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  •  Address: Jiangsu province Changzhou city Wujin
     Electric words: 0519-86733114  86732191
     Biography: 0519-86736114
     Hand machine: 13861292580
     Main products: screw ring, ring nut

Screw rings. Rings nut manufacturer - Changzhou Shengze forging factory is a professional production rings lifting bolt, nut and a variety of forging parts of the enterprise, company has advanced and complete production, testing equipment; strong technical force, more than 20 million in the production of a variety of precision forging. Electric words: 0519-86733114 86732101 Fax: 0519-86736114 hand machine: 13861292580
   上一个产品:Ring nut DIN582-M20    下一个产品:Ring nut JIS1169-M30
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地 址: 江苏省常州市武进区礼嘉镇坂上工业园区 手 机: 13861292580 电 话: 0519-86733114、86732101 传 真: 0519-86736114